September reflect, review and reset

A new month, a new season, summer is ending, autumn is beginning.

For many this time of year is synonymous with the end of the school holidays and the beginning of a new school year. I don’t have school-aged children or work in a school or with school-aged children anymore but the regular activities that scaffold my life follow a term time pattern.

I can only commit to regular activities on an ‘as and when’ basis as I never know from one day to the next how my fatigue, hot flushes, migraines, pain and stomach issues will be. Recently I’ve been feeling under pressure to do more. I know there are many reasons for this, not least because women in my age group do a lot and we live in a society that equates what we do with what we’re worth. However, experience has taught me that I can only keep spinning so many plates at once and if I try to do too much they will all come crashing down and my health will be adversely affected.

So I’ve been asking myself

  • What has changed about my situation and what does that mean?
  • What is most important to me?
  • Are there any changes I want to make?
  • How will I make those changes?

My home life has changed again recently. One day I was planning a break away with my husband, the next day I was cancelling those plans as our son needs care while his broken bones recover following a fall and surgery. His girlfriend is also staying with us when she’s not working. Their dog is here. And their friends from time to time. I love them and I love having a home full of people but I’m having to adapt again to another new normal.

I know from experience how important it is to look after myself. I love spending time with others. I love the busyness of a full home but I also need my own space and time.

The most important thing to me at the moment is to look after my body, mind and soul. I cannot pour from an empty cup. I need to look after myself as well as others. From now on, when considering the activities and commitments I have a choice about, I will use the filter does this or will this activity or commitment help me look after my body, mind and soul?

In particular, I’ve been thinking about how I use social media. I find it useful for connecting with and keeping in touch with people but it is not always beneficial or edifying. I need to limit my time on social media, to log out more often. To reset.

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