Self-care on a budget

Several weeks ago I wondered on Twitter what other people do to relax that doesn’t cost any (or much) money. I had some wonderful responses, thank you to all those who replied and shared.

These are some of the things you said you do to relax:

Have a cup of tea

Bake, cook and try new recipes (borrow cookery books)

Have a hot bath (Or shower)

Listen to podcasts

Listen to the radio


Visit a library (To borrow books, audio books, digital books, dvds, jigsaw puzzles. To go on courses, to have computer/internet access, groups, do jigsaw puzzles, read newspapers. (They are also somewhere warm to go in the colder months)).

Visit art galleries

Enter online competitions

Declutter, rearrange and tidy.






Online selling/business

Play with pets

Learn something new

Walk (By ourselves, with others, with pets in the countryside and parks to spend time in nature and notice the changing seasons, to take photos).

Have sex

Go cold water/wild swimming

Perhaps use this as an ideas list and have a go at something different?

Please add any other ideas to the comments! Thank you x

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