Book review: ‘My Super-Compact Self-Care Script’ by Neeta Oza

This little A-Z is a treasure of a book. It is an easy and light read. A book to read through and return to, to dip in and out of. Full of affirmation and tips about the hows and whys of self care. I love it.

In recent years I’ve worked in stressful roles and been a family carer. I know how important self-care is but I also know it’s not always easy. When I cared for other people at home and at work, I had a tendency to put my own need for care at the bottom of my to-do list. Then came my cancer diagnosis and treatments and I was forced to slow down. Now as mentioned in a previous blog I consider self-care ‘…a necessity rather than an optional extra’.

I need regular reminders to look after myself and ‘My Super-Compact Self-Care Script’ is perfect for this. Bite-sized gems like this one,

‘You have a precious Energy Tank within you, which is constantly being consumed every second of every day. Be super-conscious of where your energy is channelled and take time to allow solid refuelling time-just for you’ (p.11).

Being a ‘Super-Compact’ pocket sized book this is one that you can easily fit into a bag and take with you. I read mine on a train journey. Often good things come in small packages.

With many thanks to Hashtag Press who sent me ‘My Super-Compact Self-Care Script’ to review.

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